Support Systems

TOTALSEAL® custom designs support systems to suit the plant design rather than offer a catalogue design.


From hybrid API plan systems for slurry seals to support barrier, flush and cooling systems for agitator seals.

Barrier skid

  • Circulates barrier fluid through the seal in direct contact with the seal faces.
  • This provides direct cooling at the seal faces where frictional heat is generated.
  • Traditional systems rely on cooling external to the seal so the seal faces are not directly cooled.
  • Large capacity tank and larger volume charge pumps
  • TotalSeal advantage:
    • In event of a significant leak there is then greater capacity to keep the seals pressurised and cooled.
TotalSeal Australia Flush and Barrier Support Skids

Flush skid

  • System has a higher volume capacity
  • The increased flush water serves to better cool the seal shaft
  • This prevents product scaling in the lower part of the seal
  • Keeps a constant barrier pressure
  • System keeps this pressure on the OB faces constant
  • TotalSeal advantage:
    • Traditional systems vary the pressure of the barrier according to the process pressure
    • Thus fluctuates the OB face pressure resulting in seal outboard faces being damaged by the changes in pressure